Monday, June 27, 2011

Final Cut Pro X is easy to use?

I personally never use Final Cut Pro before and as much as I know about it, it's a movie editing software. Everybody is anticipating some new features that will come with the latest release but many people find it disappointing later on.

Google is testing new homepage

Google has a bag full of experiments want to roll out to the market. One of them, or I think it's two of them are in the picture above: Black navigation bar and the blue search button. At first sight, I like it. It looks neater, much simpler, perhaps it's because there's no I'm Feeling Lucky button. I think next time, Google should give the users a chance to customize the homepage. If Google allows the users to upload an image to be the homepage background, I don't see why they can't let us change the color of navigation bar. Would that be too similar to iGoogle?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Macbook Air delays until launch of Lion

If I count the time right, a new version of Macbook Air should be released this summer or fall, or even now. But the latest source states that Macbook Air is going to be shipped with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Although the Macbooks you buy now can be upgraded to Lion with minimum to no cost. I think the strategy they are using is right because this way they can make sure that Mac users can adjust and move on to the latest software at the shortest time. No need for me to say the Macbook Air will be shipped with Intel Sandy Bridge processor..


Thursday, May 19, 2011

iPhone 4S: Next Version of iPhone is not iPhone 5

It is this time of the year: New version of iPhone is coming out. But there are many rumors saying the next version of iPhone won't be iPhone 5. It will be what Apple did to iPhone 3GS, next one might be called iPhone 4S. By the way, it may not be released in June like Apple always does. It may be in September.

iPad 2 is shipped with the dual core A5 processor which allows the users to have better game experience and a boost in performance. iPhone 4S will be shipped with this processor as well. You will feel what I'm talking about here if you run some 3D games. Other updates include better camera, which is 8 megapixels, separate flashlight, more phone carriers, HSPA+ supports.

Some say it will have 4G LTE supports but some say it won't. Oh well. At least we know it'll be better. One thing to note that it's going to look exactly like iPhone 4 because they use the same case.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sony PSN: The Disaster is still going

Many Sony PlayStation fans must have known the server has been down for almost a month. Over the weekend, Sony has successfully put the server up in North America and Europe. While you feel happy with the re-working server, a PSN exploit has been used, which means PSN has been hacked again and this time it's targeting the passwords. 

This exploit allows the hacker using only the emails and the date of birth and they can reset the passwords. They got the emails and birth dates during the first attack. So right now the password resetting server is down and you can't change your password. But please be patient waiting for Sony because they will give out free games and also a month of free PSN plus.

Chrome OS: New Hand-writing API

There have been a lot of rumors saying Chrome OS will have a tablet version. But they already have Android to do the work though. At Google I/O, Google says nothing Chrome OS will be in tablet anytime soon. 

Some times ago, a new API was discovered which was the virtual keyboard. Now it's the hand writing. Is Google really preparing Chrome OS for tablet market? If so, how are they going to differentiate Chrome OS from Android?

If they are going release it, is it going to be before iPad 3?

Macbook Air: Update with Thunderbolts in June

Apple is really keen on updating their products recently. Macbook Pro, iMac, now Macbook Air. I don't mention iPod or iPhone because the time they will be updating are unknown. It will be either June or September.

Macbook Pro and iMac have been updated with the new Intel Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt. It will be no surprise if Macbook Air is going to do the same. The thunderbolt might be nothing since it's still kind of new. But the new CPU can definitely help a lot because Macbook Air is still shipped with Intel Core 2 Duo. 

If these loads of new stuffs are going to be packed into this thin and light device, ... wrong question. Are they going to be able to fit in that little box?